Intrarticular Shoulder Injections

Intra-articular shoulder injections are employed to treat chronic shoulder pain or even acute shoulder pain due to various pathologies. It is very effective for treating arthritic pain of the shoulder as well as any acute shoulder strains or injuries. These injections can be provided very safely within the office setting.... MORE

Suprascapular Nerve Ablations

The radiofrequency ablation of the suprascapular nerve is an adjunct to the suprascapular nerve block. After a block has been successful and has also shown to demonstrate control of the pain up to 70%, then we can employ... MORE

Suprascapular Nerve Blocks

Suprascapular nerve blocks are utilized to treat shoulder pain as well. They are usually employed to treat chronic shoulder pain, or shoulder pain that is no longer amenable to surgery or physical therapy, and is having a difficult time controlling with medications.... MORE