Coolief Procedure – Knee

For chronic knee pain, we are able to provide patients with a unique procedure known as a radiofrequency ablation of the genicular nerves. This is also known as a Coolief Procedure. Essentially what happens is we are able to turn off the nerves that control pain to the knee. By doing this procedure, patients can have 20 to 24 months of pain control.... MORE

Genicular Nerve Blocks

Genicular nerve blocks are used to treat chronic knee pain. There are three nerves that innervate the knee: the superior medial genicular nerve, superior lateral genicular nerve and inferior medial genicular nerve. These are all reached very easily with a needle placement under x-ray guidance.... MORE

Intrarticular Knee Injections

Intra-articular knee injections are used to treat chronic and acute knee pain. They come in also two varieties. One variety is just to utilize steroid injections in the office with local anesthetic. Simple procedure, takes less than one or two minutes, and the patient can go home.... MORE


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