Celiac Plexus Block

A celiac plexus block is actually used for pain in the upper abdomen, including the liver. This block is utilized a lot for patients with pancreatic adenocarcinoma or pain associated with that. We have found over the years that this is a very effective way to treat this pain. We can do it in one of two ways.... MORE

Iliohypogastric Nerve Block

The iliohypogastric nerve block is another nerve course through the cutaneous region or the surface region of the abdomen. It can also be another source of pain for patients that is often difficult to diagnose, but when we block this nerve we are able to alleviate the pain from this area as well.... MORE

Ilioinguinal Nerve Block

So the ilioinguinal nerve block is often used for abdominal pain that is mostly localized to the surface of the abdomen. This is often seen with patients who have undergone hernia repair and they have a mesh that’s placed for the hernia repair which in fact, makes a stronger repair, but oftentimes what we have seen is that patients develop pain in the same region.... MORE